Shokjang has been released! Read our Media Statement.

Shokjang, an innocent Tibetan writer and intellectual, was sentenced to three years in prison on February 17. Tibetans are at a high risk of torture in China’s prisons.


  • Born in Ghyengya village in Sangchu County, Amdo Tibet (ch. Xiahe County, Gansu Province)
  • Studied Tibetan literature at the Northwest Nationalities University in Lanzhou and published four books and essays
  • In 2008 organised student protests calling for greater freedoms for Tibetans
  • In 2010 detained for a month in relation to the 2008 Uprising and for his involvement in publishing a banned literary magazine.
  • In May 2014, in the essay, Is Nationalism a Good Thing?, Shokjang wrote, “You may say that you do not want self-determination but you must know that it’s no different from saying you want to be a slave or a serf.”
  • On March 19, 2015, Shokjang is arrested and taken to Menyuan prison and held without being charged. He was not granted family visitation rights.


  • On February 17, Shokjang is sentenced to three years in prison. He has responded to authorities and rejected their sentence and maintains his innocence.


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